10 Foods Banned in Other Countries but Allowed in the US

“Food” for thought…

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By Dr. Mercola

Americans are slowly waking up to the sad fact that much of the food sold in the US is far inferior to the same foods sold in other nations. In fact, many of the foods you eat are BANNED in other countries.

Here, I’ll review 10 American foods that are banned elsewhere, which were featured in a recent MSN article.1

Seeing how the overall health of Americans is so much lower than other industrialized countries, you can’t help but wonder whether toxic foods such as these might play a role in our skyrocketing disease rates.

#1: Farm-Raised Salmon

If you want to maximize health benefits from fish, you want to steer clear of farmed fish, particularly farmed salmon fed dangerous chemicals. Wild salmon gets its bright pinkish-red color from natural carotenoids in their diet. Farmed salmon, on the other hand, are raised on a wholly…

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My First Meatless Spaghetti Sauce

My First Meatless Spaghetti Sauce

4-5 lbs ripe tomatoes, halved
2 tablespoons veg or olive oil
1/2 of a green pepper
1/2 of a white onion
8 oz tub mushroom (not canned)
1 whole garlic
1 & 1/2 cup water
salt, pepper, and Italian season to taste



1. Wash ALL produce.
2. Place tomatoes in baking dish cut side up; sprinkle with salt, pepper, and seasoning.
3. Roast for 15 minutes, turn and roast for another 15 minutes.
4. Finely chop onion, pepper, and garlic.
5. Sautee together in a pot. MEDIUM HEAT
6. When tomatoes have softened with a little char remove from oven and take off skin. (DO NOT DRAIN)
7. Crush and add tomatoes and liquid to sautee mixture.
8. Add water.
9. Allow to simmer for 30 minutes.
10. Add sliced mushrooms and add more season to taste.
11. In a separate pot, prepare your desired pasta as directed.

When it has reduced down to the consistency you wish and pasta is complete, IT’S DINNER TIME!!